Please note that GHA is a boutique agency, therefore we have to be incredibly selective when considering new clients. If you are thinking about getting in touch about representation, please note our submissions policy and the following guidelines:

  • We do not accept any unsolicited material, only producer/industry or personal recommendations.
  • Our core focus at GHA is representing screenwriters.
  • We do not represent actors or crew.
  • We do not represent individual projects on a one-off basis, as we seek long term working relationships with writers and their body of work.
  • Please do not apply for representation via post but email us in the initial instance with your professional writing CV and a bit about yourself.
  • If you are a brand new writer with no broadcast credits, even if you have a fantastic script, the competition is very fierce, therefore we would encourage you to advance your writing career independently first by entering competitions and building industry contacts in production and development who can provide you with a recommendation. We would strongly recommend BBC Writersroom as a good source for such opportunities.
  • Our book to screen work is handled in association with our independent literary agent colleagues, and we do not take unsolicited submissions to manage screen rights to books on a one-off basis.
  • Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to respond to all representation requests if they have not met the above submissions policy.